Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nokia: The Unsual N Odd Uses

So its been a little while since I updated this blog of mine after I moved to . Everytime I think of coming back and posting some news here but that just didnt happen for last 8 months or so.
Finally i squeezed in some time to share this tiny tips. So I have a 5800 and its one of the best devices I've ever used from Nokia. Although initially it was nothing more than a phone to me, last few months its been a better half of me(I know I need some help ;-)

So to get into those unusual uses,

1. I'm a student going to college. My life now is full of assignments, presentations etc. And that explains the plenty of papers on my desk. And here is the simplest use of my phone, the Paper Weight. Yeah, my study table is next to the window and yep I see all these papers flying all over when a small breeze of wind come in. Not that I dont have a paper weight, but sometimes just one won't help and you have to use something else. Oh yeah, your Phone ;)

2. If your living in my part of the world, you are probably used to this, Power Failures. And sometimes this happens the night before my exams. And yeah that aint an excuse for flunking in your exams, says my dad ;)
Anyway, with this app from Ovi store, i found out that I have an emergency lantern with me. And its not so bright enough to light up the entire room and cause trouble to my sleeping roomies. It just lights up my table and I'm good to go. Thats so so helpful. And for the record, I did pass that exam.

3. Similarly, my laptop did not come with a backlit keyboard. So during these power failures or during late nights when the lights are off, its to difficult to type something until I found this trick. It just Works !

4. Another main use I've found is that sometimes you are so busy with your works, you just dont have enough time to read notices displayed at college or any ads or articles that come in the newspaper/magazines. Normally I just had to pass them but now with my phone, I snap them in Macro mode and read them later on my computer or phone itself when I'm free. How cool is that ?? It's like the Read It Later website, but offline ;)

5. Sometimes after long hours of reading my neck muscles hurt me a lot. I dont have a massager, but I have a phone that can vibrate. I just set the alarm to the nearest time and turn vibrate feature on and tone to least. When clock hits the time, I have my massage. Not at the spa, but right at my study table. Yay !

6. If you are like me, looking good should be very important to you. And yeah, in college that matter a lot. You know why ;-)
Thanks to the secondary cam on my phone, I can look at my face anytime anywhere. Comb hair, apply gel or just praise my look, lol.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hey guys, thanks for all your support. After blogging tech stuff here in blogger, then moving to, NOW i bought and started a site of my own..Yes guys just for you. Feel free to visit and comment and ask anything you wanted to know. We will try our best to answer you. So welcome to

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Top 5 free apps for nokia 5800

1. Nokia messaging: Its an email client from nokia to send and receive mail from gmail, hotmail and yahoo. It also supports attachment to be sent. Hence i like it over gmail app from google which is java based and does not support attachments. This also has touch support. be sure to read instructions. The app is free for now in most places but will be converted to a paid app later.

2. Nimbuzz: Instant messaging client with support to numerous services like gmail,yahoo,msn/hotmail,facebook,gadu gadu,myspace and more. you can share pictures and videos with friends, send voice messages. You can also call your google tak and msn buddies through wifi or network connection. So you dont need a pc to voice chat. Good interface and touch support. Go to from pc or go to from your mobile web browser.

3. Tweets60: This is free twitter client with touch support. This may not be as good as gravity or twittix which are paid apps. But its a good choice over twitter mobile site and best for quick updates, direct messages, favourites and replies.
go to

4. Sms preview: We all get busy in our life. Remember that situation when you are quite busy with something and an sms arrives. Then you quickly grab your phone to browse to messaging application and you realize it was one of the forward message you get daily. Well, not any more. This apps displays a small window which shows a preview of sms that just arrived and disappears. You can also set the time for how long it can be should be displayed.
known issue: the ovi store versio does not show the message properly, hence use the link above.

5.Google maps: Allows you to search places, calculate route and shows directions. Now with latitude feature you can see where your friends are and can see directions to see them. go to and select maps.
See screenshots at my site:

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The blog is back..

Yes friends, i cant stop saying what i get to know daily...and hence i have decided to be back in personal bogging. And to all twitter followers, all i have to say is, ' you are my inspiration in resuming this blog...thanks a lot'.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Moved To New Site

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Vopium hits Android devices

Vopium has launched its award winning mobile VoIP application in the Android Market. The application follows the recent launch of Vopium on the iPhone App StoreSM and BlackBerry App World(tm) and cements Vopium's commitment to offering mobile users worldwide a cheaper, high quality international communications channel.

Now the only question among users is when Indians can see Vopium running in their already supported devices.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bharati Airtel hits 100 MILLION

Yes friends, if you are an airtel user then you are one among 100 million users under airtel network. The company is in third position after the two leading chinese operators. Way to go Airtel.